Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am a Lazy Bastard

I know it sounds terribly dismal, but when I say that, I do it with a sickening joviality. I mean, it's been almost two months since my last post. And people actually wanna see some stuff!! I don't feel like typing too much, so I'll keep it brief...I've been drawing less, applying for jobs and not getting any.

But I got unemployment! Free money! In fact, i'm at work right now. Workin' hard, actually because here I am with an actual new post. I don't have anything terribly exciting to share, mostly, it's a bunch of life drawing that I've done over the last two least, some of my better pics.

I'm headed out to cripplecon tomorrow. For those of you who don't know, it's a small caricature convention in Kansas City, Missouri where the attendies are some of the best and brightest in our industry. Also, they're crazy. So I know I'll fit in. Seriously, some sick shit goes down at this thing. I'm really excited to actually be excited about drawing again. At least for a weekend, and to see some of my friends from across the country. Should be good. And it'll be great, because I KNOW I'll have stuff to post when I return. So...two posts in one week!! CaRAAZY!!

Okay, I'll shut up, here's some art.

Five minute sketches...I like how I achieved the whole "this is the same person" thing.
Old wrinkly man...from behind. You know, I made him look a lot less old and wrinkly.
Chad. Cat's roommate. Got naked for free. Very nice of him., I wasn't the only one in the room.
This woman's last name was also Meekins. Marlo was thrilled, since the woman was very excited to talk to her all night.

Yeah, I know her thigh is too long, I went with a little exaggeration. Looks kinda fun, though.

Two pictures of the same pose. The second is more exaggerated than the first, which I love, but I got a little carried away on the inner shin. Looks too cartoony. Oops.

Well, that's all I felt was worth putting up. Stay tunned for my drawings of the day, and I'll talk more about that in about...five minutes.


Jillianevelyn said...

I love these nudes so much alex! great job!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see this drawings..keep going..

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