Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sketchity Sketch Sketch...

Okay, so during my entire tenure with Kaman's, and even during school, I have been about the laziest piece of filth. I didn't draw in my spare time, I didn't sketch, when I should have been drawing at every opportunity. Maybe it's the residual inspiration from the convention, or maybe it's the talented artists that live here in philly with me, or maybe it's just the city's art scene, but for whatever reason, I have really enjoyed drawing lately, and I've actually done sketches.

Nothing you would call finished, and nothing totally outstanding, but the fact that I'm drawing from life and situations is just very refreshing for me. So, as Josh told me, I should be updating this thing, regardless of how little I have to post. So I have some sketches to throw up here. I've been experimenting with markers, specifically grey, just trying to get some simple shadow in my stuff. I've always liked the clean and simple look it gives to life drawing.

Last night, there was a really neat sketch party of sorts. This company, Dr. Sketchy's, is nationwide and does fun drawing sessions. For 15 bux, I get all the alcohol I can drink, and I get to draw hot burlesque models in fun costumes. I couldn't resist, and I had a blast. So these are a few of my favorites from that night. Five minute, and twenty minute poses.

So stuff. My favorite is the Christmas one. Great pose, great colors and costume. It was fun. :) Marlo was there, and won a poster with the model's autographs on it...she didn't want it, so she gave it to me, which was awesome. Thanks, Marlo!

Then, tonight, I went out to the hookah bar with my brother who just turned 18. And it's a perfect place to draw people in fun poses. Or just find a bunch of great fashions and faces. I spent more time drawing than smoking. these are simple, but I like them.

That's all for now, folks. I'll just keep drawing, and who knows, maybe I'll eventually get around to doing an actual illustration. I better just be thankful for this for now...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Convention art

These are the pictures that comprised my wall at the con. A little different from what I usually do, which is why I liked them so much... I figured I prefer drawing cartoons, and wanted to stray from the usual park-esque sketch. I'm glad I did.

Andrea Gerstmann - Great artist from Toronto

Bob East (Beast) This was the first picture I did whenI got there. I wasn't sure what to do, or who to draw, so I chose him.

Ella was another one of the Canadians, and another great artist...she wasn't competing, which was a shame, 'cause she can really draw. She thought it was funny, but I had to reassure her that her asscrack wasn't actually showing...

I didn't really get to know Liesbeth very well, but she was running around taking pictures, so I stopped her and did this.... she loved it, said it was her favorite one.

I was so excited to meet Marlo, I've been a fan of her work, and she is very humble for how talented she is. I was going to draw her anyways, but she actually requested one, so I came up with this. She wanted me to make sure I caught her bad posture...this is my favorite one from the whole week. I think the pattern on the dress helps.

I'm sorry, I can't remember this guy's name. The first day, he wore a shirt covered with Mooses...then the next day he had a huge tie-dye shirt on...he was crying out to be drawn. He loved it.

Two masters, Jan op de Beeck and Joe Bluhm... during Joe's seminar he drew Jan and spoke of pulling his head from the nose. So. I drew it.

Sheina is one of my very best friends ever. She and the crew from Tampa came up and I was so glad to see them...after all, I hadn't seen them since April. She was drawn the most out of anybody at the con, so naturally, I had to draw her, too. Plus, I had never actually done a proper sketch of her before, and this was much better than I would have done with park materials.

Anyways, that was my wall stuff. Lemme know what you think. Or if I should include pictures of the people I drew.


Okay, well after being nagged by many of my artist friends, and after attending the NCN convention last week, I finally got off my ass and created a blog so that I can share my work with everyone without using myspace or facebook.... Now I just have to keep up with posts and draw lots of new things...

I left Kaman's art shoppes after four years, and am not really doing any more retail caricature, so I won't have any updates that include that sort of art. But I will have to keep it up on my own. I just couldn't take retail anymore, I finally felt like my work was worth more than 20 bux a pop. I hope i'm right, and I hope I can get a job.

The convention was so inspiring, it was such a blast, I only regret not going sooner. I met so many talented artists, and even artists who I idolize. I ended up winning third place for best cartoon style, and first place for best body situation. I went there hoping I would be recognized, I hadn't dreamed of winning anything my first time, I was thrilled! :) Everyone was so supportive, and it was just really assuring having so many people compliment my work.

Now I'm back home in Philly, and the job search begins. I'm confident I can find something, but in the meantime I really want to try to stay in touch with all the people I met and I'm going to post my stuff on here to get some feedback. Anyways, I'll post my pictures from the con soon.