Friday, November 14, 2008

Convention art

These are the pictures that comprised my wall at the con. A little different from what I usually do, which is why I liked them so much... I figured I prefer drawing cartoons, and wanted to stray from the usual park-esque sketch. I'm glad I did.

Andrea Gerstmann - Great artist from Toronto

Bob East (Beast) This was the first picture I did whenI got there. I wasn't sure what to do, or who to draw, so I chose him.

Ella was another one of the Canadians, and another great artist...she wasn't competing, which was a shame, 'cause she can really draw. She thought it was funny, but I had to reassure her that her asscrack wasn't actually showing...

I didn't really get to know Liesbeth very well, but she was running around taking pictures, so I stopped her and did this.... she loved it, said it was her favorite one.

I was so excited to meet Marlo, I've been a fan of her work, and she is very humble for how talented she is. I was going to draw her anyways, but she actually requested one, so I came up with this. She wanted me to make sure I caught her bad posture...this is my favorite one from the whole week. I think the pattern on the dress helps.

I'm sorry, I can't remember this guy's name. The first day, he wore a shirt covered with Mooses...then the next day he had a huge tie-dye shirt on...he was crying out to be drawn. He loved it.

Two masters, Jan op de Beeck and Joe Bluhm... during Joe's seminar he drew Jan and spoke of pulling his head from the nose. So. I drew it.

Sheina is one of my very best friends ever. She and the crew from Tampa came up and I was so glad to see them...after all, I hadn't seen them since April. She was drawn the most out of anybody at the con, so naturally, I had to draw her, too. Plus, I had never actually done a proper sketch of her before, and this was much better than I would have done with park materials.

Anyways, that was my wall stuff. Lemme know what you think. Or if I should include pictures of the people I drew.


jonboyjr23 said...

Well done alex! Congratulations on your awards!

And it's about time you got a blog, man! We've been wondering about you for a little while now!
I'm sure you're just thrilled to be done with caricatures. I'm sure you'll find something good in Philly; you've defenitely got the skill!

By the way, we did our staging in Philadelphia. I'm sure you remember us saying that. Philly is actually a pretty cool town. I don't quite remember where we went this one evening, but it was SUPER hopping...really funky stuff too...a really long street with tons of bars and restaurants and a few tattoo places and street magicians and lots of interesting looking people. It was gritty, but hip at the same time. Anyways, you probably know what i'm talking about.

Hope you're having fun, and when you get a substantial mass of work, you should buy your own domain name (i'm sure you plan on doing that anyways)!

Things are going well here, of course. Too much to describe sometimes. Today, we're taking a language test. Next week commences our training; we will swear in as volunteers and then go to our volunteering site.

We both hope the best for you and wish you luck in Philadelphia!

Jon and Emily

Sheina Fae said...

I LOVE YOU Alex, and your sketch is my new favourite :) Miss you tons already, Baxter's just isn't the same.

Mike Hasson, About Faces said...

Alex, your convention wall was very cool. You nailed everyone you drew. Stay inspired and draw til your fingers fall off!

Bat said...

Alex, I'm stoked you have a blog bro!! I'm excited to see your work year round now, man.

KEV said...

dude these are really awesome! i just stumbled upon your blog and was blown away. especially that andrea, and that marlo, and joe and jan. awesome.

chris chUa! said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex finally put up a blog! the world is right now :) great stuff at the con and congrats again! I was so happy for ya!

Angie said...

I totally admire the energy in these cartoons!
Thanks for the inspiration and since you live in Philly, maybe we'll have a chance to work at a gig together.
Keep on drawing!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff at the con and congrats..thanks for sharing..

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justfrancesca said...

These are so cool, Alex! Nice meeting you at the convention:)

kanishk said...

Great work, Alex! It's so exciting to see this.

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caricature lafontaine said...

These caricatures are WOW...superbes! I saw them in Raleigh and found them fantastic.....I just arrive on your blog trough another blog (Kristen sketch blog)...
L√Ęche pas!