Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Aw man. What a weekend. My throat is still raspy and sore...and the fact as I type that I think dirty, sick things means that the dehumanizing effects of the con are still fresh in my mind.

It was a huge party. I mean, three days of drinking and drawing. Met some cool new folks and was reunited with old friends. I got to Kansas City, Missouri on Friday night, where it was as cold there as it was here in Philly. Pretty much a party night...a less sophisticated meet and greet. Saturday was the biggest drawing day, where I got most of my stuff done, and then Sunday was the Eagles game, some final drawings, and a 12-hour bash that took everyone to dawn.

I didn't do a whole lot of work. But I drew. and I liked what i drew. I spent so little time enjoying myself at the NCN, that I vowed I would spend more time partying at this con. and I"m so glad I did. But enough about my excuses, here's my crap:

On the way to the airport on Friday, we were talking about how much we would inevitably drink, and Marlo decided to be more descriptive. It really had to be put on paper.

Hey Nate!! Matt Zitman started this at the NCN, and now it's just kind of caught on. I haven't drawn him in years, so I thought it was time for an update.

Mike Clem...I didn't really talk to him, until I did the picture of course. He's just fun to draw...about every other wall had a picture of him. This is my personal favorite.

Cat Hupp! Came with us from Philly, and it was her first con, I believe. I like this one, and if I feel like it, I'll post a picture of her with this later.

Okay, so the theme of the con was Droppin' a Deuce. So on one wall, everyone who wanted to compete put up a picture based on the theme. Needless to say it was the most grotesque wall in the con. I don't normally go that far with my gross factor, but when in Rome... So this is what I came up with. I'm pretty happy with the drawing itself, and I haven't used watercolors in years, so I think given my recent inexperience with them, it turned out okay. Oh yeah, that's Len Hernandez as the Charmin Bear, and Aaron Philby takin' a dump.

Beau Hufford. I met him for the first time here. Great guy, and a great artist.

Stacy Pierce!! One of the Philly crew. She made all the awesome trophies that were given out at the con. Good stuff.

Well that's about it... it was a great weekend, I was productive and lazy at the same time. Now, even if you don't consider yourself a caricature artist, consider coming to Cripplecon 3 because it doesn't matter how you draw. It just matters that you can draw a penis.

Can't wait for next year. :)


Lunchbox said...

Are all of these yours? The big dude sitting down is awesome. I like Marlo's beav showing too. Nice touch. Kinky.
Did you get reference before you drew it?
I gotta say, the hand drawn fonts and lettering is really a cool thing you should expand on. I dig it.

Emily Anthony said...

These are masterful! Too many favorites to list---you really got Kayla and Stacy in their entireties. The Nate is hilarious!!
I hope I can go next year.

Jim said...

Just plain awesome. Nice. Love your style.

Aaron said...

How dare you draw me pooing. just kidding. great wall, man. It was awesome to see u at the con.

Troy Zurel said...

Looks like you had fun.. Nice sketches.

Jeff Pecina said...

awesome stuff
i really dig the humor in all of it.

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

Those are FANTASTIC!!!, I love the one of Nate, and Phillby, the BEST!!

Jess said...

good work babe. i wanna see more :)

KEV said...

awesome shit man!

see you at the next con.

pablo pablo said...

Very nice!

Sheina Fae said...

Hey dahling,
I'm on blogger again! Woot! You'd better link my ass :P

Tooninator said...

just had a good look through all your posts. WOW. Damn son, you've got some killer energy in your work.

ps. I worked with Andrea Gerstman and Ella(from Canada) last summer.

Jon said...

Hey Alex, good stuff but it's getting a bit stale now...when are we going to see some new work!?!

Miss you man! Beers and wings aren't the same without my buddy Alex....oh wait, I haven't had beers and wings since leaving America.....sigh...

I got u on my blogroll now, which is growing. My blog is still kinda iffy, but it's growing as well. Hope all is well at Dorney. Let me know how things are going!

Art Fan Ako said...

Nice caricature art you got here!

Anonymous said...

Really these are masterful!Great work.
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Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

Well Alex...it's been over a year...time to update this beast!

cuarta said...


Jeff Pecina said...

when can we see some new stuff man??

kanishk said...

I love these nudes so much alex! great job!
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